Everything You Need to Know About Live Casino Gaming

We are living in a golden age of entertainment. From on-demand video streaming to gaming subscription services, there has never been a better time to be entertained. Yet some of these revolutions and innovations have built momentum quietly, becoming wildly popular with cult audiences before breaking into the mainstream. One form on the cusp of major popularity is live casino gaming, where the traditional casino is brought into the player’s home like never before. Below, we give our essential guide to the topic.  

Where Did Live Casino Come From?

Live casino is the product of several different technologies and entertainment forms combined. The first of these is the explosion in popularity of online casinos and games. As mobile devices have become more prevalent, the quality and connectivity of casino games have improved vastly. This has led to increased competition from the biggest online casinos with many of them attempting to offer ever more incentives and increased choices of games for customers.  


With so much competition, inevitably, these companies would also try to provide the most hi-tech and up-to-date games. This was the first step towards live casino. If you have never experienced it, you can try it easily and with the best online casino payouts found here. Easy to get up and running with new players get welcome bonuses to play with. From roulette to poker, a whole host of titles are available.  

The second factor in its development was the improvement in live-streaming technology. As hardware and software got cheaper and so did the transfer of data, it became a viable option to have people in studios talking and interacting just as they would on YouTube or social media. Live casino is an amalgamation of these two concepts bringing casinos up to date and into the future of gaming.  

How Does a Live Casino Work?

Live casino has two main concepts: The player at home and the dealer in the studio. The player begins by signing up to an online casino and providing their details. They then make a deposit and are free to play any game they wish. If they sign up for a live casino game, they will join the game when a space becomes available, or a new hand begins.


 The dealer resides in a studio. Using equipment such as cameras and microphones, they are connected to the game’s online activity. They are in charge of dealing cards, spinning the wheels and running the game as they would in a casino. All of this is then live-streamed to the players. The software keeps the dealer and game connection, so players can make bets and raise amounts based on the results. They can also interact with the croupier through chat functions, who will talk to them as it progresses.

Essentially, it is just like visiting a casino, but the player does not have to go anywhere. This brings the best of both worlds, combining the interactivity of a physical casino with the convenience of an online one. Live casino games are becoming more popular by the day, and what can be played will depend on the casino being used. Some will have a host of live tables, while others may just be starting to roll out streamed casino gaming. Generally, all the games you love to play in a casino will be available including roulette, poker, blackjack and other table games.  

In addition, there are new exciting variations on slot games that have also started to arrive. Many of these combine traditional slots with gameshow elements. When people access bonus rounds, they are put into a live bonus round. They can win extra money and prizes or increase their totals. Even high-profile brands like Monopoly have begun to license their properties to games such as this, along with existing game shows using it as a vehicle to relaunch as has been seen with Deal or No Deal.  

Getting Started With Live Casino Games

If you want to get started with live casino games, you don’t need any special training or skills. The interface used to operate these games has been designed by major game developers. All of this provides a smooth interface that makes playing and learning the games easy and hassle-free.

Start by finding the right casino for your needs. If you are eager to play live poker, then there is no point in signing up for a casino that has few tables but concentrates on slots. You may also wish to see if they have a variation of rules and side bets available for you to play to keep your interest.  

Once you have found a few, then compare the bonuses. Some may offer matched deposits or free games. Once again, make sure the bonus suits you. There is no point in signing up and getting free slot spins if you want to spend your funds on live roulette. Once you have the bonuses you desire, start by placing small bets as you get used to the system and soon you will be enjoying live casino to the fullest.

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