Metrics to Monitor: Analyzing the Success of Your Facebook Videos

Facebook has transformed the way we engage with content. As you can already tell, it’s sort of established itself as a platform for sharing and viewing videos. Digital marketers such as yourself benefit greatly from the data that Facebook offers through its analytics. In fact, these popular metrics provide insights into audience behavior and the impact of your campaigns, as well as the Facebook impression on your content.

I’m guessing you’re here to enhance your video creation strategy or boost your audience to reach better levels and conversion rates. If that’s the case, we’ll take you through the video metrics on Facebook and explain how each can be harnessed for optimal results.

Learning How to Save Videos

By saving videos, you’ll be able to better review content performance, understand engagement patterns, and refine their content strategy for better results. You could use this for professional analysis or even your own creative inspiration. Understanding how to save Facebook videos can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to analyze or improve their Facebook metrics. In any case, learning this skill ensures that valuable content is readily accessible for deeper insights and strategic planning. This can empower you to capitalize on successful content trends, and it can aid in the comprehensive management of digital marketing campaigns.

Locating Facebook Video Metrics

To assess the performance of your Facebook videos, it is essential to know where to access the data. Whether you utilize Facebook Page Insights or opt for Creator Studio, navigating to your video metrics involves steps that unlock a treasure of new information.

●Facebook Page Insights- Detailed statistics on your videos are easily accessible on your Facebook Page’s ‘Insights’ tab. Within the ‘Posts’ section, you can find in-depth analytics for every video you have posted.

●Creator Studio- For a view of your video performance and insights into audience engagement, Creator Studio serves as an invaluable tool.

Head over to the ‘Content Library’ section to check out a variety of video metrics that you can filter by date, video type and more.


Utilize these handy analytics tools to kickstart your journey into leveraging Facebook’s video metrics and enrich and refine your marketing strategy.

Which Video Metrics Are Being Monitored on Facebook?

Not all metrics carry the weight especially when evaluating the effectiveness of your Facebook videos. The key is to concentrate on the video data that mirrors audience engagement and interaction.

Facebook Views Count

One of the metrics is video views. On Facebook, a view is tallied when it plays for 3 seconds. While a high view count can be motivating, it’s essential to differentiate between these views and those who watch your video through till the end. Complete views indicate an audience offering valuable feedback on how well your video is performing.

Engagement or Facebook Live Stats for Social Media

Likes, shares, comments and reactions are indicators of social media engagement. Keeping an eye on these metrics can offer insights into how your audience engages with your content. A strong engagement rate implies that your video is resonating with viewers and stands a chance of being favored by Facebook’s algorithm (potentially expanding its reach).

Viewer Engagement

The graph depicting audience retention tool reveals when viewers are losing interest. A sharp drop, at a point, might suggest that the video content, structure, or pacing is failing to captivate the audience. It’s always a good idea to study these trends, so that you can adjust videos to keep viewers engaged for periods.

Dealing with Criticism

While positive engagement is encouraging, it’s equally essential to take note of feedback. Instances of users choosing to ‘hide post’ or ‘report video’ serve as indicators that certain aspects of your content are not well received. Addressing these issues or adjusting your content strategy can help manage responses and enhance performance.

Utilizing Swipe Up Actions (if it’s your case)

For those utilizing platforms like Facebook Stories with swipe up functionality, monitoring this metric is crucial.


A high swipe up rate signifies good calls to action. It has the potential to drive increased traffic or conversions on external sites.

Facebook Benchmarking. Key Demographics and Target Audience

Gaining insights into the demographics of your viewers can shape your content strategy effectively.

To effectively engage your audience, understand the locations and characteristics of your viewers. Next, tailor your videos to match their preferences and language so you can create content that resonates more with them.


This metric is similar to the engagement metric, in that it indicates the value of your content. When a viewer saves your video it signifies an interest that could result in interactions; or, it could serve as an endorsement of highly engaging content.

Ad Engagements

For sponsored posts, tracking ad engagement metrics offers insights into the success of your video campaigns. Keep an eye on clicks, CTA interactions and conversions to evaluate the return on investment for your Facebook video ads.


Keeping a close eye on your Facebook metrics is really important if you want to excel in your niche. If you don’t do it, your competitors will, and their Facebook marketing strategy might top yours. Leverage all these insights to create videos that are popular within your network. Be ready to create new connections with your audience, and truly speak to them! Good luck!

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