What Features Do the Most Popular Online Slots Have in Common?

Online games of chance are by far the most popular online casino software you can find, and there are countless titles to enjoy on your computer or mobile devices. However, like any game, it has rules, and the most popular titles will have common features. I’ve played them for years, and I’ve found out they always will have some features. It’s essential to know about these features to get a good start.

Today, I’ll tell you all about these features and what they bring to those who enjoy spinning the reels.

Overview of Online Pokie Features You’ll Mostly Find

Before I explain each feature, here’s a short list of the features you’ll find while you explore the most popular online slots.

  • Reels
  • Animations
  • Betting System
  • RNG
  • RTP and Volatility

5 Features Common To The Most Popular Online Games of Chance


Since these online titles revamp the systems inherited from the long history of the pokie machine, most modern titles have kept the reels’ system. It’s something people like me, and you are familiar with, and that is expected when launching such a game.

Even when a game subverts expectations and changes how the reels work, I still find something quite similar, like the expanding reels system, increasing the number of reels. It’s also true for the Gigablox system, which uses big block-style symbols. Despite the visual change, the blocks still spin like a reel.


Every slot I’ve ever found online will have some sort of animation. Some titles go really far with animated characters and backgrounds, while others keep a minimalistic approach, relying on more subtle cues. This is called game design, and it serves a purpose. Thanks to the various animations, which are often accompanied by corresponding signs, the game can communicate to the person what is happening without bombarding him with text to explain it all.


I feel like it also helps me immerse myself in the game, and it gives me a rhythm. This rhythm is vital to my enjoyment and engagement with the game. Everything from the reels spinning to the symbols exploding or sparkling contributes to making the game appealing, and it keeps retaining attention.

Betting System

Every spin can cost money if you’re not playing in fun mode. So naturally, they have a wagering system. Sometimes, it can be straight to the point, with titles letting you only increase or decrease the bet per spin. Other times, you can have more control over the wager. The game can let you choose your number of paylines or let you wager differently, depending on the rules of the specific pokie. I always consider this when choosing what to play.


Each machine must generate random results, and to provide these results, game developers resort to what’s called the RNG or Random Number Generator. This piece of code is the most critical part of any pokie game. Its integrity is essential to ensure a fair game. With the arrival of the Blockchain, developers have created a new type of game called Provably Fair. I love the idea!

These titles have an RNG hosted on a Blockchain network to prevent any tampering with the game’s system. Players can test the RNG before playing. Due to the way the network works, the RNG can’t be modified. I appreciate it, as it’s a huge step toward more transparency.

RTP and Volatility

Volatility and RTP are vital factors to understand when playing these titles, in my opinion. Volatility measures the risk level of a poker game. High-volatility software offers larger but less frequent payouts. I find it ideal for those with bigger bankrolls and a taste for thrill. Low volatility software provides smaller, more regular payouts. I believe it makes them suitable for cautious participants or those with limited bankrolls.


RTP stands for Return to Player. This percentage indicates how much money a pokie is expected to give back over a long period. I should remind you that RTP is theoretical and doesn’t guarantee exact returns in short sessions.

I always recommend considering volatility and RTP to match your playing style and goals when choosing a pokie. High-volatility titles can be exciting but come with the risk of longer losing streaks. Low-volatility titles offer fewer potential frustrations but with smaller prizes. Balancing these elements can help you make informed decisions and enhance your gaming experience.

Understanding How These Titles Work: The Key To Enjoy Them More

As a beginner, I remember struggling with online casino software. Finding the right ones for me and knowing which ones I should play proved difficult. Mainly because of the humongous number of games out there. However, once I started seeing the underlying pattern of how developers craft them, it became crystal clear.

If you still struggle with these titles, it may be time to go back to the basics. Try to understand the mechanics behind the most popular titles, as I did.

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