What Should a Newcomer to Tarisland Do Immediately After Logging Into the Server

Tarisland is a cross-platform project from Tencent, which is launching a new competitor for World of Warcraft and offering players the opportunity to play on all possible devices – PCs, smartphones and tablets without stopping their gameplay.

Your initial Tarisland boost will not be long, because the project is only at the stage of its first launch, but even such a breakthrough will bring you a different gaming experience and will allow you to prepare for further updates, so as not to start all over again when this happens.

Choose Your Class

In Tarisland, seven playable characters await you, who will be able to choose one of two development paths as they level up and strive.

  1. Warrior – can be a tank, or an attack class, uses heavy armor and a steel weapon or shield. Has a large amount of damage, which can increase for a short time due to the rage effect. An excellent hero for solo play and raids.
  2. Barbarian – a fighter with two axes who relies on the power of runes in his gameplay and you can choose a storm or lightning. This will change the overall damage, or add massive magic damage. The best hero for hunting and fighting against other players.
  3. Paladin is a warrior of light and defender who can go the classic route, or become a mace-wielding warrior with enhanced damage. In any case, this is a protected hero with the ability to self-heal and is in demand in raids.
  4. The magician is the owner of strong damage, which depends on mana reserves. You can choose one of two elements for your gameplay – fire or ice. Fire is good for mass attacks because the enemy ignites and takes extra damage. This is very effective in mass attacks. Ice imposes a lot of weakening effects that are effective in PVP and during raids.
  5. The Archer is an alternative to the Mage, but with physical damage, you can choose the path of a beast summoner, or a ranged shooter. The choice will depend on a set of damage skills, such as stunning or slowing down, or control of the creature, which will do all the work, and you will only need to monitor its health and enhancements.
  6. Bard is a support class that, with the help of its music, will strengthen itself and its allies and help them regenerate mana and health, but if you wish, you can also become a fighter with a ranged attack, but then your equipment and weapons will have the same requirements as others attacking classes.
  7. The healer is the most necessary class for any type of boosting in Tarisland, due to the ability to heal, remove negative effects and resurrect. Hiller can go the attack route and deal magical damage with the power of light, but this is a dubious choice that will require you to have the appropriate equipment and will not make the classic types of attacking magicians stronger.

Complete Quests

If you want to quickly get level 30, then you better pay attention to the quest system – this is a general view and a way from the Tecent developers to tell you the history of the project, while gradually teaching you and bringing stable experience and boosting to Tarisland for completing tasks and assignments.

There are main and secondary quests.

The more complex the quest, the higher the reward, but often the game system shows what kind of reward is provided and whether it is worth taking on to complete it, but story quests are always profitable because they follow a chain one after another.

Go Hunting

The more monsters you kill, the more experience you can get, the main thing is that the enemies are a little higher level than you and then Tarisland boosting will be effective.

It will be better if you combine quests and hunting, that is, collect all the tasks that can be done in one location, look at the list of monsters through the quest log and go destroy them, but when you complete all the tasks, just stay further in the location and get a boost to Tarisland until you run out of inventory space, or you outgrow these enemies.

Master a Profession

In order for your hero to always be effective, and for you to enjoy boosting in Tarisland, you must always have up-to-date equipment and weapons.

One of the best and most controlled ways to get them the fastest is to craft them yourself.

To do this, you just need to understand what type of equipment you need and which of the artisans crafts it.

Next, you need to choose an auxiliary profession that will provide you with the necessary resources.

  • Tanks and warriors require a forge and mining.
  • For the archer and barbarian – leatherworking and skinning.
  • For a magician and healer – tailoring and crafting orbs with the jeweling profession.

It’s worth saying right away that at the beginning, crafting may not be so profitable, but when Tarisland develops more actively and new levels and opportunities are added, you will already have the basis for continuing to study professions and equipping your hero with everything necessary.


Zones to assault dangerous bosses and their retinues have always been a reason for entire groups of players and guilds to unite to claim the best equipment and weapons depending on the difficulty level.

Sometimes this is the only way to get legendary equipment for your class, but luck will decide everything.

For an assault, you need a full group – you definitely need a tank that will hold the boss on itself and will not allow it to attack other, less protected targets.

A bard is needed to increase the defense and attack power of all raid members and always replenish the mana supply for the group.

You definitely need a healer who, in a critical situation, will restore health, remove negative effects and even resurrect the fallen.

As for the selection of attacking classes, they will all contribute good damage and the only point in which you can make a mistake is to recruit representatives of the same class, for example, magicians. They simply will not be able to inflict a variety of damage, and the raid may take longer or fail completely. Physical damage will always take priority over magical damage to kill the boss, and vice versa to protect him, so there are no unnecessary classes in Tarisland.


At the moment, there are no permanent battle zones in Tarisland, but they will be added in the future, for now, you can fight for the best hunting spots and resources that will be useful to all Tarisland players.

Conclusions on all the gameplay options for newcomers to Tarisland

This is a new project from Tencent that will allow you to play on any modern device.

You will choose your game class from 7 available and 2 development options for each of them – classic ones like a healer and unusual ones like a light mage.

Next, quests and grind await you to level up and obtain resources, which you can then use in crafting to strengthen your hero yourself.

A simpler and more interesting way to get weapons and equipment would be raids, in which entire groups attack the boss’s lair and if they are lucky and do everything right, they will receive random and unique equipment and weapons that sometimes cannot be obtained in any other way.

The project is at an early stage, but you can lay the foundations in advance so that in the future you do not have to start from scratch like other players when the Tarisland project from Tencent gains momentum.

The article was prepared and presented by the Skycoach.gg

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