All Mechanics and Opportunities for Making Money in GTA 5 Online

GTA online is a logical continuation for all players who went through the storyline and fell in love with all the content and mechanics that Rockstar Games prepared for gamers and despite its ten-year history, the project is still relevant for many players, including due to the constant adding and updating content ahead of the release of GTA 6.

You will create your unique character and play alone or with friends to create your gangs, earn GTA 5 money, take part in new heists, open businesses, or simply travel around Los Santos, where each player will find their preferred type of content.

Some will like racing, some will like battles between two teams, some will only play robberies, and some will do business and accumulate warehouses, so that later they can spend money on their new purchases – weapons, vehicles, apartments and other real estate. .


The first step is to create your own unique character, because now you will observe all the events as a third-party player who has just arrived in Los Santos and is beginning his character development journey.

You will create a hero in an interesting way – instead of a lot of sliders that you might be used to in other games and MMO RPGs, you will choose your dad and mom and based on their appearance you will generate your character. This is an interesting approach that has not been seen before in the gaming industry.

Next, you will be taken to Los Santos, where your gameplay will begin.


You will use your gadget for most tasks and activities through general sections.

You will create or join lobbies of other players to develop your gaming level and earn money in GTA V.

At the first levels you will not have full-fledged content like heists, because they require special real estate, but this only applies to the ability to create a lobby yourself, and you will still be able to join the content that other players create.


It is especially profitable to join the stages of robberies, but here, you need to take into account several nuances:

  1. There are training missions and the robbery itself. For the preparatory missions there is no income, but experience increases, while for completing the most important stage you will receive your share and 100 thousand dollars for robbing this object for the first time.
  2. Not all game lobbies finish the result they started – players can get nervous, worry, sabotage the results and perform other annoying actions that will simply waste your time. The only way to guarantee a result is to play with friends or trusted players.

Of the tasks that can bring you a quick increase in experience and money in GTA 5 online, you can play any mode that has x2 bonuses and can quickly bring you, including new levels that will help you unlock new content.

In general, you will find a large number of missions that are automatically created by Rockstar to help players develop, or by other players and you yourself will choose how to develop your character.

In the future, you will be able to focus on robberies and running a business, but at the same time you just need to grow to this level and collect the first capital to buy the necessary offices, apartments and warehouses, or just buy money in GTA online Skycoach.

To do this, simply go to the service’s website, select the amount and receive fast and profitable delivery in the form of dollars and luxury vehicles, which can be quickly sold for the full amount and this is done for your personal safety in the face of the game administration.

This is a more profitable format and way to receive dollars than buying official shark cards from Rockstar Games, which supply the player with tens of times smaller amounts for the same money as the Skycoach service offers.

Business Office

If you want to gain access to content that can provide you with a monetary increase, you need to buy yourself an office and discover different ways to earn money.

First of all, it is a system of warehouses and businesses.

Warehouses for storing goods and vehicles can bring you serious earnings if you can accumulate the necessary funds for them, especially for storing cars.

They are expensive, but worth the money.

You will obtain cargo and transport, fill your warehouse with them, and then deliver the goods to customers and receive cash rewards for this.

The most profitable format is, of course, transactions with luxury cars, the price of each is 100 thousand dollars, subject to the completion of the task of receiving it and delivering it to the client.

This will not always be an easy walk – after all, the tasks will be different, and sometimes you will even need to steal a car from a floating barge using a helicopter.

Next, only delivery of transport to the client, but you will be disturbed by bandits, whom you can simply drive around, or shoot with a sniper rifle, but make sure you have a muffler and remove the car from the road so that random drivers do not cause unnecessary damage to the car, thereby reducing its cost.


Ideally, you can get 100 thousand dollars for one such race, which actually won’t take much time.

Accumulating money in GTA V will allow you to buy new types of businesses and apartments for new robberies, which will allow you to go through many times to accumulate reserves of money in your bank account.

From businesses to earn money, you can produce weapons and other types of goods in a bunker, nightclubs and other buildings where you need to procure raw materials and simply wait until production is completed and then take an order for its delivery and thus constantly generate cash income for yourself.

The only peculiarity is long-term production, so try not to forget to load the raw materials before leaving the game, so that during your absence the process of your future enrichment in GTA 5 online will continue.

Moreover, it is better to fill it completely and then the result will be more voluminous.

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