Fire Kirin Casino App: Play or Avoid?

According to, around 1.6 billion people around the world now gamble. With a figure like that, it’s not surprising that new casino apps are hitting the market every week. As a player, you’re truly spoilt for choice, with the latest research showing that there are now over 2,000 online casinos to pick from. However, not all of them are worth it — and this is true when it comes to Fire Kirin.

What is Fire Kirin?

Fire Kirin is a “fishing casino” app developed by PENY that first hit the internet just over a year ago. It uses a sweepstakes model, which means you don’t bet real money. Instead, you deposit money in exchange for gold coins (e.g. they have a popular offer of 8,640,000 coins for $19.99). Any coins you win after playing the casino games will then be available to exchange for different prizes.

To create an account with the Fire Kirin app, all users are required to sign in using Facebook or Apple. From there, you’ll be able to collect free coins while also having the option to deposit your own money in exchange for even more. This is completely down to you. If you don’t want to deposit real money, you can simply play for free and stick with the coins you have.

Once your account is fired up, you’ll be transported to the main menu. Here, traditional casino piano music is playing and the background is ocean blue. The main tab consists of casino games. Simply scroll through the different games and pick the ones you want to play. On average, games take a few seconds to load and you can quit at any time.


Some of the most popular casino games on Fire Kirin include:


●Golden Conquest

●Kirin Thunder

●Golden Feast

●Phoenix Legend

The appeal is that these games are colorful, vibrant, and have a traditional “arcade” feel. Some of them even come with a multiplayer mode, such as Kirin Thunder, which allows you to face-off against other random players from around the world. Kirin Thunder is a fish table game, which is Fire Kirin’s speciality. You take control of a canon, shoot at different fish, and try to kill as many as possible. The more fish you kill, the more coins you collect.

Conclusion: Fire Kirin Is a Must-Avoid Casino App

Casino analyser Alex Windsor, founder of, has tested Fire Kirin with his team to get a genuine feel of what the platform is like. Their conclusion was that Fire Kirin is not worth playing. Despite having some good fish table games on offer and a fun “social” angle, there are much better alternatives on the market, like Chumba Casino and WOW Vegas.

The main problem with Fire Kirin stems from reported poor user experiences. For example, a casino player on Reddit reported that “My experience with it has been slightly dangerous” and that “I paid in way more than what I’ve ever got paid out.” Another user reported that customer service “took forever to get back to me”, which is a major red flag when it comes to online sweepstakes casinos.


On top of this, Fire Kirin would benefit from boosting its existing casino game library. Currently, there are only 17 casino games to play, which is extremely low for any sweepstakes casino. It’s also important to highlight that 12 of these games are locked for new users, so you must collect coins and progress up the levels if you wish to unlock them. This requires a lot of time – which most players simply don’t have.

You’ll also find that you regularly get offered free coins while navigating Fire Kirin’s menus, with “BONUS” coins refreshing in the bottom corner every hour. At the same time, you’re frequently asked to deposit money in exchange for these coins. The constant prompts create a negative gaming experience and make Fire Kirin feel slightly exploitative.


If you’re a fan of sweepstakes games and social casinos, it’s recommended you avoid Fire Kirin. Instead, you can join plenty of other high-rated alternatives, like the above-mentioned Chumba Casino. With Chumba, you get more than 150 games to choose from, reliable customer service, and a user base of over 1 million monthly players, so all of the right boxes get a green tick. For anyone who does decide to download Fire Kirin, though, make sure you only deposit money in exchange for gold coins that you’re comfortable with. Remember, all of the games can be played for free, so there’s no pressure to deposit real money if that’s not your preference.

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